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About Us

Our Approach

Our world is ever-changing, in many ways for the better, in other ways not so much. Many furniture companies have chased lower price points by using lesser quality raw materials with the goal of reducing costs. Generally speaking, this also results in lower quality products. We at Mid100Mod believe in no compromise on quality, but in order to give customers a good price we actually cut our margins to the lowest. This keeps our product quality high and give us loyal and happy customers.

Our Mission

Buying furniture online can be tricky. We made it a goal to keep our customers buying experience as seamless as possible. Our over all customer satisfaction rates are much higher than others in the market, because we resolve each issue to customer’s satisfaction. Also, the process of delivery and returns is pretty straight forward. Overall, this helps us achieve our goal of making each customer happy.

Our Story

Mid100Mod. A curated and crafted experience that connects design with the individuals who seek it. Our company grew from a desire to modernize the furniture industry. Focusing on quality and contempo-rary design, we offer sophisticated home decor to help create your inspired lifestyle. What separates us from others is our sheer devotion to craft. From the smallest stitch to the largest sectional, we believe that every product we make should contain impeccable quality and meticulous attention to detail.


Everyone deserves the perfect furniture. That’s why at Mid100Mod we build each piece to perfection. We strive hard to get the best materials that gives you the best quality at affordable price. Your might see similar products on the market, but it is the small details that matter. At Mid100Mod we focus on long time value of the furniture rather than just making a sale, which makes our products stand out from others.